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Studienbesuch aus der tschechischen Republik

the head of Department of Regional Development, Public Sector Administration and
Law at Tomas Bata University in Zlín - Pavel Bednár and the mayoress of
the City of Fulnek - Radka Krištofová, all of them from the Czech
Republic, to share knowledge and conduct interview with Obfrau Edith Weiß
in order to fulfil the objectives of the Implementation of the Action Plan
of the Destination Management of the Poodrí Region - Moravian Kravarsko
(Kuhländchen) 2015-2016. They collected information about the Mohndorf
as one of the best practise of thematic village development and
branding regional products in tourism in Austria. Furthermore, they were
informed about our Mohndorf Armschlag achievements, marketing as well as
cooperation with local and regional partners.